Major Laser a radio warlord, takes the King’s Elevator to the basement floor, the mezzanine, the 13th floor, and the penthouse, encountering various challenges and ultimately transforming into Pegasus.







BALANCED ROCK has pioneering roots in the world of music video dating back to the advent of Music Television more commonly known as M-TV. The animated rock video KING’S ELEVATOR* was written and produced by Dan Santistevan in 1981 founding member of the Colorado Springs band ONCE. Santistevan approached Artie Romero owner of OXO Films to suggest a possible collaboration of combining music and art in the medium of animation. King’s Elevator was recorded at Startsong Studios which became the soundtrack for the animated rock video showcasing the adventures of Major Laser featured in King’s Elevator.

This was essentially a two month, intensive effort by a group of Colorado Springs artists and musicians, led by Dan Santistevan, the leader of the band Once (their name was changed to Gibraltar before the post production was completed).

At first, William Kirk Kennedy and Artie Romero were the only people involved who had any animation experience. Santistevan brought Animart FX Animation Co., Bob and Linn Trochim’s new studio, into the production, utilizing their Colorado Springs facility for the work. The Trochims were Hollywood animation veterans who had recently relocated to Colorado Springs.

The artwork for the animation was generated and created by the group of Dada artists at OXO Films in downtown Colorado Springs, led by technical director Artie Romero, and lead animator Kirk Kennedy. The independent rock video was completed at Animart FX Studios with the assistance of Lynn Trochim and her late husband Bob Trochim, providing use of their animation department purchased from Alexander Film Studio in 1980, to include equipment, cameras, and access to stock animation cells which contributed to the charm of the hand-drawn cell animation. If permissible, when Balanced Rock performs the song King’s Elevator, the video is projected behind the band for visual effect.


© 1981-2019 Once Forgotten Music, written by Dan Santistevan, All rights reserved


BALANCED ROCK was featured on the internet radio station Sunday February 1, 2015 on the weekly Front Range Radio program hosted by Tim Board. According to Tim, Balanced Rock was the first band to play live during a studio broadcast. In addition, Tim featured three of their songs to include Ready to Roll, Blondie and Scheme of Things. The band had a great time and are thankful to help promote KCMJ 93.9 FM the “Community-Powered Radio” station serving the Colorado Springs, CO region.

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