BR-FH-2019-smPhoto Credit: Prudence Crawmer

BALANCED ROCK performing on the Fourth of July at the 2019 Flying Horse Summer Concert in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Band members pictured (l-r) DAN SANTISTEVAN - Acoustic Guitar, CHRIS NALLDrums, ANDREA FINELead Vocals/Bass Guitar and JOHN CRAWMER - Lead Guitar.

BR_MSL_18aBALANCED ROCK instrumentation includes the blend of acoustic and electric guitars, combined with bass guitar and drums, comprise the musical line up of the band. The contents of their lyrics revolve around the themes of social injustice and/or love gone wrong. Other pop culture references are sprinkled throughout their repertoire.

Balanced Rock takes their American musical roots and blends several genres to produce their twist on rock & roll, reminiscent of old school influences combined with new-age acoustic pop.