The Colorado-based musical band BALANCED ROCK is named after the famous 700-ton natural red sandstone rock formation located in the scenic Garden of the Gods in their hometown of Colorado Springs. Like the uniqueness and rarity that balanced rocks appear in nature precariously perched to seem to defy gravity, likewise, the rock group BALANCED ROCK, is a one-of-a-kind musical force of nature.

Co-founders, Dan Santistevan and George Ulrich have been writing and performing in the Pikes Peak Region since 2011. Their approach to songwriting extends from the influence of rock & roll which encompasses several genres defining their style of music.

During the 1980s through the 2000s, Santistevan and Ulrich independently played and recorded in various bands in the Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs areas. In April 2011, they soon discovered a certain chemistry and musical affinity that led to the formation of Balanced Rock.

Dan and George are both alumni of the University of Colorado at Boulder, where they were exposed to the world-class music scene in Boulder and Denver’s famed Red Rocks Amphitheater during their formative years.

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George Ulrich and Dan Santistevan, co-founders of Balanced Rock

Percussionist Jerry Sheffield has been on the music scene in Colorado Springs since the 1990s having played drums with Santistevan in various musical groups to include Gibraltar, Hydrogen and Lesser Mortals, recording and performing in the Pikes Peak Region. In the mid 1990s, Sheffield was the drummer of the popular local raggae band Be Positive, where he further developed his musical expression on the drums. Jerry has taken a shine to the percussion instrument called the Cajon, which provides the warm acoustic vibe of the rythym section defining the sound of Balanced Rock. Jerry has added an electronic drum kit to his percussion arsenal providing full dynamic sonic range.


Jerry Sheffield, electronic percussionist at the Manitou Springs Summer Lawn Concert in June 2015

In 2014, guitarist John Crawmer became the fourth member of Balanced Rock bringing his fire-brand style of guitar playing to the mix. Crawmer and Ulrich performed as a duo in Breckinridge, CO, when John was invited to join the band as lead guitarist, solidifiying the musical line-up.

John Crawmer’s immediate impact on the overall sound and direction of the band has enabled the opportunity to showcase his musical talent on lead guitar. Listen to Crawmer’s tasty licks by selecting the Music tab.









John Crawmer, lead guitarist performing at the 2015 DaVita Health Fair

BALANCED ROCK has progressively evolved with the inclusion of each member. Performances have included venues that lend themselves to original music. In 2015, the band has performed at various locales along the Colorado front range area.



BALANCED ROCK members Sheffield (seated) Santistevan, Ulrich, and Crawmer at the 2015 Manitou Springs Library Summer Concert